Few words about hooded eyes

Brilliant makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin wrote in his Face Forward book: “If you read or hear the words “never” or “always” in a makeup book or at cosmetic counter, run in opposite direction. Makeup should be fun, not fascist”. Unfortunately not all of his colleagues share his point of view. For example, some of makeup artists advise girls with hooded eyes to forget about eyeliners, dark eyeshadows, use pale eyeshadows and mascara only and concentrate on their lips (girls with hooded eyes and small lips should vanish, I suppose).

What can I say about this?

Just look at Charlotte Rampling’s portrait made for NARS Audacious Lipstick compain and forget all that jazz.

Charlotte has very hooded eyes indeed. You can see it clearly at the shot from Luchino Visconti’s movie La caduta degli dei / The Damned.

Another Charlotte’s shot from  La caduta degli day / The Damned shows you how to contour heavy eyelids.

Austrian beauty Romi Schneider had heavy eyelids too, but, as you can see at these shots from Max et les ferrailleurs, they don’t hide eyeliner and eyeshadows completely.

Of course, Romi Schneider’s makeup from Max et les ferrailleurs is not a good example to follow (Romi played a prostitute in this movie), but you can adjust it applying eyeshadows not till eyebrows but till the eye crease.

Many Asian girl have hooded eyelids but see how elegant eyeliner looks on Maggie Cheung’s eyes in Kar Wai Wong’s In the Mood for Love movie.

1 dress – 2 outfits

Khaki Super Soft Dress (now it’s on sale, by the way), Miss Selfridge + sandals Multicolor Strips Wedge, Cuple + clutch Pink, Silver and Platinum BagCuple +  Orion Unique Ring от LeJu.


Khaki Super Soft Dress, Miss Selfridge + moccasins Misstery by Italian brand The Flexx Caramel Orange or Nina Beige Fur bags by Carla ManciniFriendship Cuff Passion Fruit, Gypsies + Debutantes.

Silk shirt and Co

Casual look:  Giori Silk Shirt, By Malene Birger 415 Relaxed Boot Cut Jeans, Levi’s + St Tropez straw bag, KayuZizi Oxford Shoe, Repetto.

You can decorate your wrists with 2 bracelets Ruby Mix Bead Single Wrap Bracelet on Beige Leather and Red Mix Bead Cuff Bracelet on Natural Brown Leather or 1 bigger bracelet  Bright Pink Crystal Mix Wrap Bracelet on Beige Leather, Chan Luu.

Golden, Black and Blue


Giori Silk Shirt, By Malene Birger + Petite Twin Pockets Belted Military Pencil Skirt (this skirt’s designed for a petite girls, but those with a regular height can wear it too, just you have to try few sizes and choose the best fit, I guess), Marks & Spencer + Fil2, Duccio Venturi + Cosmos Blue Glass Pink Gold Cuff, Ben-Amun + Junior Lock Clutch, Loeffler Randall.

Gorgeous jewellery and outfit for a posh party

Theo Fennel makes a very beautiful jewellery indeed.

Sophistcated Yellow Gold & Diamond Hibiscus Disc Earrings, chic Gemfields Emerald Opening Kissing Frogs Ring. Keyhole Swivel Cufflinks are definitely made for a man with a sense of humour.

And here it is an outfit for a posh cocktail party.

Green Tailored Evening Jacket, Vivienne Westwood + Black Accident Skirt, Vivienne Westwood + Maddalena clutch, by Elizabeth II favourite brand Launer + Lulabay pumps, Duccio Venturi. True star of this outfit is Gemfields Emerald Opening Kissing Frogs Ring by Theo Fennell, of course.

Feeling cold? Wrap yourself in Tania’s cashmere!

British brand Tania has a lot to offer if you are looking for a pure cashmere knitwear.

Noemi Black And White long jacket, Tania + Cocoon Pewter jumper, Tania + Check A-Line Mini Skirt, Marks & Spencer + The Nancy bootie by Anyi Lu + Mr. Hearthrob, Red bag by D’Andrea = casual outfit for chilly autumn days.

Dior in Black & White. Part 1

French beauty Mylene Demongeot looks amazing in Christian Dior’s costumes in Une manche et la belle movie.

Animal print blouse with 2 skirts


Neck scarf with pin + simple dress = elegant outfit

Simple necklace with medallion draws attention to beautiful shoulders

Elegant and feminine dress, clutch and shoes

Cute girl in Chinese hat

Stylish idea for a girls with a small bust

Sultry eyes and sparkling earrings.