Ideas for Halloween makeup or from Russia with horror

Halloween is on the way, so It’ll be a lot sculls and bones around but I believe that quite simple makeup with right accessories can make your appearence more striking and even scary than all that anatomical theatre’s stuff.
And here is the proof – the shot from mystique, mesmerizing and very stylish Russian movie Gospodin oformitel (I would translate the title as The Decorator).

This film tells about talented artist who created waxen dummy-girl and how later on his creature managed to enchant people around her and made them believe she’s a real human being. The story happens in Saint-Petersburg at the beginning of the XX century, few years before Revolution of 1917, the time when Russian Decadence art blossomed.
This makeup doesn’t require a lot of makeup stuff – just black eyeshadows and eyeliner, red lipstick and face powder. It’s all about harsh contrasts: black eyes, very pale skin and bloody red lips.

Black scarf and hat will add a lot of drama to your look.

Effect of melted vax looks great for Halloween party but to recreate it you need a help of professional makeup artist. You can try to do it yourself using few layers of peel-off mask (like Cucumber Peel-Off Mask by Freeman or any others of this kind) but there is no garantee that result will worth all your efforts.

Doll’s face with blood streaks looks pretty scary too (dolls and dummies often look scary, don’t they). You can try to recreate this look using theatrical makeup (you can check and buy it here and there) or you can paint those streaks using waterproof red lipstick, red lip liner and different makeup brushes. By the way applying fantasy makeup you learn a lot about your face structure and at the end of the day you will see how your daily makeup routine benefits of this knowledge and experience.


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