Here is a bright lipstick on small lips

Guilietta Masina’s makeup from Federico Fellini’s Giulietta degli spiriti is a good inspiration for girls with small lips who afraid of bright lipstick.

Because of the lightening Guilietta Masina’s lips look even brighter, but they don’t look vulgar, funny or ugly, that’s for sure.

I think Mother Nature created miss Masina perfectly: big lips would destract our attention from here soulful beautiful eyes. Guilietta Masina always inspires me to appreciate my own features and take most of them, to be yourself not somebody else. By the way I can’t imagine this ingenious Italian actress going to a beauty clinic and asking to enchance her pout, though I have nothing against fillers, botox and plastic surgery. It’s a big challenge to make people love you for who you really are but at the end it’s the best gift you can make for yourself.
If you prefer more natural makeup look another shot from Giulietta degli spiriti

Pale pink lipstick is smudged thoroughly on Guilietta’s lips.

Makeup created by talented Otello Fava for Giulietta degli spiriti is trully wonderful: it perfectly reflects the characters of each heroine of this film.
Look at Suzy (played by curvaceous Sandra Milo) – Guilietta’s alter-ego, who embodies all qualities and desires, which Guilietta hides deep inside.

And yes, thin eyeliner can look even more dramatic than thick.

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