About Anna Karenina, different opinions on the same subject and Roja’s perfumes

As for me most famous Leo Tolstoy’s heroine Anna was very egocentric and hysterical creature who ruined lifes of 2 decent men: her husband Karenin and her lover Vronskiy.

My Karenina looks exactly like Russian actress Tatiana Samoylova who played Anna in Alexandr Zarkhi’s screen version (the best I’ve seen).

And my Karenina would use Oriental heavy and spicy perfume: you adore it at the beginning but after 30 minutes you start to feel headache. Legendary perfumer Roja Dove sees Anna as very femine, soft and romantic woman who inspires him to create perfume Karenina: it’s Oriental as well but soft, sweet and powdery with bergamot, Rose De Mai, violet and vanila.
Besides Karenina in Roja‘s Russian collection there is men’s chypre EDP Oligarch which smells lavender, orange blossom, patchuoli, oakmoss.
Obviously Roja Dove got some inspiration in Russian culture: in Roja‘s Imperial collection you can find unisex perfume Diaghilev (Sergei Diaghilev was one of the greatest impresarios of XX century) with lemon, tuberose, peach and leather notes.

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