About Truffaut’s and Tarantino’s brides and Black & White wardrobe

Quentin Tarantino insists that he’s never seen Truffaut’s La marie etait en noir (1968) but similarity between this French movie and Tarantino’s Kill Bill is very obvious.

Here is increadible Jeanne Moreau’s heroine checks her list of victims on the airplane

and Uma Thurman doing the same thing in the same place.
La marie etait en noir is only thrilling and touching but mesmerizing movie. The main charachter Julie kills her enemies stylishly wearing only white and black – colours of bride and widow.







Greek one-shoulder tunic and big cuff

Leather skirt on suspenders looks very modern

and men’s ring look great on women’s fingers, right?

What a pity that name of costume designer wasn’t mentioned in titles, but you can use his (or her) style tips creating an outfit for a night club party.

I guess One-shoulder Top and Super Skirt with Lacing by H&M, Arezzo‘s Sandalia Recortes Verniz Preta, Dannijo‘s massive cuff Doma and Digby & Iona‘s All Men Must Die Signet will impress people around you.


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