Nude dresses: from sophicticated sensuality to cheap vulgarity

The most important trick of nude dress is to create an illusion that you’re showing everything being fully covered. Irene, famous Hollywood costume designer, who dressed Marlene Dietrich in old good comedy Seven Sinners, definitely knew about it.



Marlene in black

Marlene in white

In I’m No Angel movie Mae West plays circus singer who seduces men on local fairs while her boyfriend empties pockets of those guys. And I dare to say that her stage dress (costume designer Trevis Banton) looks almost puritanical comparing to those outfits which modern celebrities wear on official events.
Sad but true: nowadays designers forgot this trick and most of starsin their creations look meat in transparent pack.

Jennifer Lopes

Lottie Moss

the side of Lottie’s dress is really ugly (I guess not every prostitute would agree to put it on)

and Queen of Trash Kim Kardashian.

Refinded seduction and sensuality are gone unfortunately and I’m afraid they might not come back.

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