Craving for ethnic glamour? Go for accessories!

Why? Because chances are that you might look (and feel) akward wearing even most beautiful Asian, African, Indian dresses.

In Macao (1952) costume designer Michael Woulfe accessorized Jane Russell Chineese with straw hat and oversized clutch (I guess it’s made of straw too) and actress looked exotic and sophisticated at the same time.


Director of Macao legendary Josef von Sternberg made Jane’s natural beauty and sex appeal even more vivid. Von Sternberg (he’s the one, who lit the star of Marlene Dietrich) had a rare nowadays quality – he could turn almost each and every actress into the mesmerizing and mysterious screen goddess.

Jane Russell and Robert Mitchume produced a lot of electricity in this movie.


Pure gender differences and no unisex at all – that’s why I love old screen couples.

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