Stylish lessons from Cristobal Balenciaga

What is the difference between real couturier and wannabe? Real one expresses himself (herself) making women beautiful, wannabe uses them to express his “ingeniuos” idea without thinking how poor ladies will look in their creatures.
Cristobal Balenciaga definitely belongs to the first group.
Great couturier created wonderful costumes for a good old French movie L’air de Paris with Jean Gabin. Actress Marie Daems looks simply gorgeous in them.

Balenciaga shows us how to make suit more feminine: just decorate your neck with ribbon and brooch

and put extravagant hat on head.

Limit yourself with a scarf for a modest version.

Dress decorated with fur.

Pretty jewellery and master class how to wear long gloves stylishly.

Скриншот 16.03.2017 124854.bmp
Unfortunately nowadays girls look like that in Balenciaga’s clothes created by Demna Gvasalia.

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