How Elsa Schiaparelli made Mae West look thiner and taller


Mae West – the best proof that sex appeal is more about personality, self-confidence and wit than pretty face and tits and hips measurements – was only 5 feet tall and for sure has few extra kg. Elsa Schiaparelli created for Mae West beautiful costumes which made actress look slimmer and taller in comedy Every Day’s a Holiday.
Legendary designer used simple tricks (most effective tricks are usually very simple): contrasting vertical lines and patterns on clothes helps you to get rid of 1 or 2 kg and add to your height few inches (only visually unfortunately).


Right hat can make look taller too.


Chic feathers on extravagant actress who’s playing extravagant character.


By the way all those tricks work very well on Lady Gaga, who’s not tall too (her height is only 155 cm) and not in her best shape at the moment.