Givenchy in Bonjour tristesse

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If your eyes are craving for a eternal beauty and impecabble chic treat them with old good movie “Bonjour tristesse” based on Francoise Sagan’s novel. Givenchy’s costumes add special charm to this film about love, carefree and selfish youth and life of high society.

And here is the first proof that Hubert de Givenchy’s sense of style is timeless: bell-sleevs of Mylene Demongeout’s top came in fashion in 2016 when Melania Trump wore Roksanda Ilincic’s dress at the Republican National Convention.

Hybrid of jacket and cape, in which Deborah Kerr is going to the beach is a perfect inspiration of a modern designer.
Bows are playing a leading roles in “Bonjour tristesse”.

Bow makes Jean Seberg’s little black drees more sophisticated,

turns simple casual top into cute and elegant piece,

decorates decollete, waist and neck.

Girls (lucky girls) with tiny waist can highlight it using Givenchy’s tricks with red sash

or flap pockets below the waist.
P.S. Besides Givenchy’s clothing actresses are wearing Cartier’s jewellery

and Hermes’ accessories.

By the way, letters A and L on travel bag are not brand logo, but monogram of Deborah Kerr’s character – Anne Larson. And that’s what sense of style means to me: your clothes and accessessories draw attention to you, not to brands you’re wearing or size of your wallet.

About Audrey, Paris When It Sizzles, style and product placement

When my eyes are craving for beauty and grace I watch movies with Audrey Hepburn. Comedy Paris When It Sizzles is very far from the best, but nowadays it’s a rare pleasure to see a pure man and really beautiful woman on the screen.

Audrey and William Holden

And miss Hepburn in Givenchy outfits definitey is a pure visaul peasure. And what is most important all her outfits look timeless.

Pisctahio suit with white accessories

Skirt and top

Little white dress is a perfect choice for a slim girls

Blue night gown

Audrey in pink

Audrey in orange dress with young Tony Curtis

Marvelous Marlene Dietrich made her comeo in Paris When It Sizzles

First on screen appear her famous legs then you see Marlene in chic white suit.

Funny thing: Marlene Dietrich and Tony Curtis are not credited in titles, but it was mentioned that Audrey was wearing Givenchy perfume. Product placemet was, is and will always be there. But there is a good thing: Gabi (Audrey’s character) doesn’t spray it each 15 minutes and others don’t exclaim: “What the lovely perfume you wear! What’s the name of it?”