Few words about comedies, Jack Lemmon, Romi Schneider, beauty and style

If you want to get rid of pressure after a hard day, watch the good old comedy Good neighbour Sam.

Main male character was played by king of comedies brilliant Jack Lemmon. Nowadays this throne is vacant (sorry, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller).
Mr. Lemmon had 2 beautiful blond partners:

dark Romi Schneider and platinum Dorothy Provine.

By the way, Natalia Vodianova looks like Romi but illustrates what is lack of personality, charm and sophistication.
Watching this movie girls can not only relax but pick few fashion tricks from costume designer Jacqueline Moreau.

For example, how to wear long necklaces,

how to decorate monochrome clothes with brooches,

how sexy but not vulgar loungewear looks like

and learn that details make outfit, like those purple bows on Romi’s coat.