About Jayne Mansfield and her wardrobe in The Girl Can’t Help It


For a long time Jayne Mansfield was for me an epitome of vulgarity but then Kardashian family came in the limelight I saw The Girl Can’t Help It. First I liked her beautiful cosumes created by Charles Le Maire and after I read more about Jayne and change my opinion of her. Miss Mansfield was very intelegent and talented: she spoke Spanish and German, played violin and piano.

I think one of the main reasons Jayne didn’t get recognition she deserves is that she didn’t meet her Pygmalion director or producer who would take proper care of her career, like Carlo Ponti did for Sophia Loren. That’s why in her filmogrphy very few high-profile movies and The Girl Can’t Help It is definitely on top of this short list.

Jayne Mansfield wardrobe in this movie is an excellent inspiration for those girls with enviable hourglass figures.


The decoration on Jayne’s hips makes her moves even more sexy.

Jayne holds 2 bottles of milk close to her famous assets – without a doubt directer and screen writer Frank Tashlin had a perfect sense of humour.


Jessica Rabbit borrowed her red dress from Jayne wardrobe (and peecaboo hair style from Veronica Lake).

Yellow outfit transforms into a swimsuit,

all you need to do is to take off a skirt.

Blouse + pants + wide sash = perfect cocktail outfit.

Jayne in brown.

Jayne in red (those straps make decolletage more sophisticated and draw extra attention as well).


Stylish lessons from Cristobal Balenciaga

What is the difference between real couturier and wannabe? Real one expresses himself (herself) making women beautiful, wannabe uses them to express his “ingeniuos” idea without thinking how poor ladies will look in their creatures.
Cristobal Balenciaga definitely belongs to the first group.
Great couturier created wonderful costumes for a good old French movie L’air de Paris with Jean Gabin. Actress Marie Daems looks simply gorgeous in them.

Balenciaga shows us how to make suit more feminine: just decorate your neck with ribbon and brooch

and put extravagant hat on head.

Limit yourself with a scarf for a modest version.

Dress decorated with fur.

Pretty jewellery and master class how to wear long gloves stylishly.

Скриншот 16.03.2017 124854.bmp
Unfortunately nowadays girls look like that in Balenciaga’s clothes created by Demna Gvasalia.

Craving for ethnic glamour? Go for accessories!

Why? Because chances are that you might look (and feel) akward wearing even most beautiful Asian, African, Indian dresses.

In Macao (1952) costume designer Michael Woulfe accessorized Jane Russell Chineese with straw hat and oversized clutch (I guess it’s made of straw too) and actress looked exotic and sophisticated at the same time.


Director of Macao legendary Josef von Sternberg made Jane’s natural beauty and sex appeal even more vivid. Von Sternberg (he’s the one, who lit the star of Marlene Dietrich) had a rare nowadays quality – he could turn almost each and every actress into the mesmerizing and mysterious screen goddess.

Jane Russell and Robert Mitchume produced a lot of electricity in this movie.


Pure gender differences and no unisex at all – that’s why I love old screen couples.

Girls and Cigarettes. Part II

Cigarate Holder + Stylish Woman = Perfect Combinatin

Mae West used decorated piece in I’m No Angel (1933).

Tatyana Vasilyeva in Adam Marries Eve (1980). Russian cameraman Georgy Rerberg was an ingenious magician: he could turn almost each and every actress into the mesmerizing beauty. Here he beautifully highlighted Vasilyeva’s high cheekbones.


Shelley Winters in Lolita (1962),

Russian actress Alisa Freindlich,

Marlene Dietrich,


Natalie Wood.

Girls and Cigarettes. Part I is here.

Nude dresses: from sophicticated sensuality to cheap vulgarity

The most important trick of nude dress is to create an illusion that you’re showing everything being fully covered. Irene, famous Hollywood costume designer, who dressed Marlene Dietrich in old good comedy Seven Sinners, definitely knew about it.



Marlene in black

Marlene in white

In I’m No Angel movie Mae West plays circus singer who seduces men on local fairs while her boyfriend empties pockets of those guys. And I dare to say that her stage dress (costume designer Trevis Banton) looks almost puritanical comparing to those outfits which modern celebrities wear on official events.
Sad but true: nowadays designers forgot this trick and most of starsin their creations look meat in transparent pack.

Jennifer Lopes

Lottie Moss

the side of Lottie’s dress is really ugly (I guess not every prostitute would agree to put it on)

and Queen of Trash Kim Kardashian.

Refinded seduction and sensuality are gone unfortunately and I’m afraid they might not come back.

Like Frida


Each time I hear Frida Kahlo right away I see flower crown, thick eyebrows, big earrings and necklaces, shawls and long skirts. This great artist shows the difference between true style icon and brands hanger.

No need to wear all Frida’s stuff if you want to try her style: even one piece of her favorites will add some bohemian charm to your outfit.


Temperly London‘s Bellanca Shirt and Long Anchor Skirt + Gemila‘s Carnival earrings and Sky Cloud necklace.

Temperly London‘s Bellanca Shirt and Hestia Print Skirt + Toast‘s Foulard Wool Scarf + Kazuri‘s Bracelet Flat – Sandstone + Gloria Begay Navajo Indian Native American Turquoise Silver Ring from Tumbleweeds Jewelry site.
You can find a lot of pretty long skirts on eatsy.com as well.

I like Xiaolizi‘s green Maxi Linen Skirt and MyAshoMarket‘s Pink Maxi Skirt.

About Truffaut’s and Tarantino’s brides and Black & White wardrobe

Quentin Tarantino insists that he’s never seen Truffaut’s La marie etait en noir (1968) but similarity between this French movie and Tarantino’s Kill Bill is very obvious.

Here is increadible Jeanne Moreau’s heroine checks her list of victims on the airplane

and Uma Thurman doing the same thing in the same place.
La marie etait en noir is only thrilling and touching but mesmerizing movie. The main charachter Julie kills her enemies stylishly wearing only white and black – colours of bride and widow.







Greek one-shoulder tunic and big cuff

Leather skirt on suspenders looks very modern

and men’s ring look great on women’s fingers, right?

What a pity that name of costume designer wasn’t mentioned in titles, but you can use his (or her) style tips creating an outfit for a night club party.

I guess One-shoulder Top and Super Skirt with Lacing by H&M, Arezzo‘s Sandalia Recortes Verniz Preta, Dannijo‘s massive cuff Doma and Digby & Iona‘s All Men Must Die Signet will impress people around you.